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Find out what your numbers are really telling you

Small business consultant

Do you feel like you’re running, running, running but not getting anywhere? Or not sure where your money is going each month? Do you know what is profitable for your business and what isn’t? Our small business consulting can help you to make sense of your business’s financial data to take control of your business and set you up for growth.

Find the right software for your operational needs

Beyond your basic accounting software, there’s a range of add-ons and integrations that can help to streamline your business and help you to better manage your operations. Allocate’s small business consultant, Janet Aitken, can work with you to identify your business’ pain points and provide recommendations on software options that can help you. Whether you need more accurate inventory control, time tracking, project management or more, we can help you to choose the best option and integrate it with your accounting software.

Unlock the secrets hidden in your accounting software

There’s a wealth of data in your accounting software – if you know what to look for. We’ll help you to create reports that will give you real information about your business and its performance, as well as identify opportunities for growth based on profitability. With the right information at your fingertips, managing both your everyday operations and chasing your expansion dreams can become a reality.

We’ll help you to create reporting templates that will give you clear, understandable and, above all, actionable information about your business.

Find more efficient ways of operating

Are you sick of drowning in paperwork? Do you know where your cash is going and have full visibility over your business expenses?

With years of experience in managing small business finances and operations, we can help you to develop more efficient processes and streamline your business. We can help you to reduce expenses, simplify operations and recommend simple steps so that you can claim back precious time.

If you have an in-house bookkeeper, we can also work with them to develop better processes that will free up their time for more valuable work.

Invest in your business’ growth

Think of Allocate as your on-call finance manager. We’re here to help you make sense of your financial data and use it to set your business on a path for growth. To discuss your business needs and how we can help, contact us for an initial small business consultation. Phone us on 0403 308 847 or send an email.